Psychologist on dating: there aren’t any rules of attraction in terms of fulfilling your match

Psychologist on dating: there aren’t any rules of attraction in terms of fulfilling your match


Professor of Personal Psychology, Anglia Ruskin University

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A while ago, i came across myself single once more (shock, horror! ) and chose to get back in to the realm of dating. One thing that hit me really in early stages in my own forays had been that everybody had a viewpoint about “what worked” with regards to dating. But all too often those viewpoints had been considering anecdotes, presumptions about individual behavior we knew become incorrect, or – worse – pure misogyny.

As a psychologist that has examined attraction, we felt sure that technology could possibly offer an improved comprehension of intimate attraction than all of the self-help professionals, pick-up music artists and agony aunts on earth. And we form relationships so I began researching the science of how.

The one thing we discovered quickly had been there are no “laws of attraction”, no guarantees of success in dating, no methods that are foolproof approaches for getting anyone to date you. Peoples therapy is just too complex to lessen to guidelines or rules of attraction – but that is totally different from stating that there’s nothing become gained from comprehending the procedures tangled up in attraction. Comprehending the technology of attraction can’t guarantee you a night out together tonight, nonetheless it can aim the method towards developing relationships that are mutually benefiting other individuals.Continue reading